Cuticle Nail Bits: A complete guide

Cuticle Nail Bits: A complete guide

Cuticle cutter heads have become essential tools in making any exceptional manicure.

Undoubtedly, we can say that an ideal manicure can not be done without the bits specially created for styling the cuticle or sanding the folds.


In our first article on the blog, we presented to you, in detail, everything you need to keep in mind about the milling heads to remove the synthetic material from the nails. And as I promised, in today's post, we will talk in detail about the cutter heads for cuticles.


❗️ As I mentioned in the previous article, if you have not graduated a course in which you learned exactly how to work with an electric milling cutter, we advise you not to experiment alone at home, without any training. There is a risk of injury and serious trauma to your nails, which can be irreversible❗️


Therefore, this article is intended for those interested in finding out what it means to work with an electric cutter in terms of cuticle styling and intends to take a course in the future.


☝️ First of all, if you are a beginner, below you can see a diagram with the anatomy of the natural nail. As you read this article, it will help you a lot to understand exactly what anatomical parts we are referring to (if the terms are not already known to you).

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