Hi, welcome to Nillux!

Nillux was born to help nail enthusiasts around the world, who want to work safely and keep up with the latest techniques. 

The nail industry is constantly evolving, and our passion for nails drives us to always keep up with the latest industry trends. At the same time, we know that the ideal value for money is difficult to find. So, we promise to offer you the highest quality products at fair and affordable prices.

Nillux distributes only relevant tools that nail techs actually need. We don't sell poor quality products. We collaborate with top manufacturers so that you can pursue your passion in the fastest, safest, and most efficient way. 

Work smarter, not harder!

Our Vision

Healthy and well-groomed nails shape our beauty. Often, they represent an extension of our style and a unique means of expressing our identity and creativity.

But nail beautification always depends on an excellent and properly executed technique. Only through a correctly performed procedure can you obtain the ideal results that your clients dream of. This is the only way you will stand out as a technician in this amazing, yet highly competitive industry.

Our Values

Our mission is to elevate the nail technicians' and manicurists' profession and help everyone work in alignment with the highest standards.  

Our customers' satisfaction always comes first. We believe in quality, education, continuous improvement, and innovation.

We are driven by our passion for nails.

Integrity is at the core of our business - we are open, honest, and transparent.

We dare to be different.